Morrisons Vineyards

Dianne Morrison harvests Tempranillo Primitivo Durif Shiraz Viognier

Tempranillo Primitivo Durif Shiraz Viognier are grown in the Morrisons of Glenrowan Kays Lane vineyard.

Vintage is one of the best sounding words to those of us who like wine but to the vineyard owners it is the most hectic and stressful time of the year. The climatic conditions can be ideal all year and one bad storm during vintage can all but ruin a year's work.

During late autumn vines begin to lose their leaves and winter means many a day pruning in the cold trying to shape the vine and leave the right number of buds. Being a temperate plant a grapevine needs a period of dormancy during a distinct winter period.


Spring announces bud burst followed by the development of bright green leaves and shoots and hopefully a little gentle rain. A moderate amount of rainfall in stages one and two of development is more important than temperature but once veraison commences temperature is more significant. In the Glenrowan region we are usually fortunate to have desirable rainfall, humidity and temperature factors influencing fruit development during mid summer.


Compare Glenrowan to Bordeaux in France.

Location Humidity-3pm Rainy days Total Mean temp
Glenrowan 50 6 70mls 22°
Bordeaux 55 21 150mls 25.2°


Bob takes on the task of pruning the vines in the Morrisons Vineyard

As summer approaches weather conditions become more critical with the vineyard manager hoping for warm days and cool nights with just the occasional shower to avoid irrigating. The grapes change colour during the veraison period and the tension mounts as the requirement for warm dry weather increases until after harvest in early April. Then bring on the rains and celebrate the vintage.

It is generally recognised that the best fruit and wine are produced in regions which have a mild to warm climate, which allows for a long ripening period. The classic wine regions of Europe are in marginal climatic regions and therefore have inconsistent vintages due to lack of warm and dry conditions during the ripening period.