Morrisons Family Reserve

Family Reserve Shiraz

This is the personal selection by the winemakers at Morrisons of Glenrowan. It is a unique full bodied wine with loads of flavour and character.The wine has soft acidity and tannin and has loads of sweet fruit flavour. The nose gives us fruits of the forest, raspberries and plums. Drink now or cellar for up to 5 years. Enjoy our Family Reserve Shiraz with pizza, roasts, barbeques,vegetarian or the best international gourmet cuisine.

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Glenrowan Shiraz 2013

Shiraz originates from Hermitage in the Rhône Valley in France. Our 2013 Glenrowan Shiraz is a full bodied dark red wine with raspberry, chocolate and intense fruit flavours which are the hallmark of the Glenrowan region. It has been matured in American and French oak barrels for twelve to eighteen months. This young wine can be drunk now or cellared for up to 4 years. The wine complements red meat dishes, game, pasta and cheese.

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'The Siege' Shiraz Durif

'The Siege' Shiraz Durif 2013

Durif has been known as a variety for 130 years and owes its name to Dr. Durif who propagated it in the Rhône Valley in France in 1880. Our 2013 Shiraz Durif is produced from our own vineyard. It is a deep purple red wine with strong berry, spice, dark chocolate and ripe fruit flavours on the palate. It was matured in French and American oak barrels for twelve months. This full bodied wine with its rich berry flavours is ideal for roast dishes, lamb stews, casseroles and Mediterranean foods

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Morrisons Shiraz Durif

Durif 2012

Durif is a grape variety developed by Dr. Durif in the Rhone Valley in Southern France in 1880. The site and terroir at Morrisons of Glenrowan is ideal for growing Durif. The morning sunshine and well drained granitic loam on a gently sloping site suits the Durif variety. Morrisons' Durif is a full bodied wine with deep crimson hues. It has pleasant berry and fruit flavours with a touch of chocolate and spice. This wine has been matured in French and American oak barrels for twelve months. This wine is best served with winter meat dishes- roasts, soups, terrines.

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Primitivo 2013

Primitivo is a grape variety that originates from southern Italy and is grown at Morrisons of Glenrowan. This zesty bright red wine has strong spicy aromas and flavours. The wine has a range of fresh raspberry and blackberry flavours and is balanced by good savoury tones at the finish. Primitivo complements the whole range of Italian pasta and salad dishes, as well as the old favourite, fish and chips.

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Tempranillo 2012

Tempranillo 2013

Tempranillo is a Spanish grape variety grown at Morrisons' vineyard. The medium to full bodied juicy red wine has blackcurrant, cherry and sweet savoury aromas and flavours.

It has been matured in old French and American Oak barrels to retain the fresh flavours which are characteristic of Tempranillo.It should be drunk as a young wine.

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Muse 2011

Muse 2013

The MUSE is a creative and delicate lighter style red wine. It is Shiraz Viognier, the white grapes being grown among the Shiraz vines in the vineyard at Morrisons of Glenrowan.

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