The bush garden at Morrisons of Glenrowan.

Morrisons Bush Garden, native Australian flora in the Warby Ranges

The bush garden at Morrisons of Glenrowan is set in the wilderness of granite rocks and gum trees in the rugged Warby Range.

Planting requires a crowbar and a shovel and some water as the soil is mainly granitic rock and dry sandy gravel.

Plants get an allocation of water at planting and then their drought resistance has to take over. It is amazing how native plants can survive and flourish in such harsh conditions.

The property only has rainwater tanks so garden watering is not possible. Western Australian natives feature and thrive here as well as many Victorian indigenous species.

Morrisons Bush Garden Varieties

Eriostemon myoporoides Australian Beauty BENDIGO WAX FLOWER
Chamelaucium uncinatum Purple Pride GERALDTON WAX
Pimelea ferruginea Evergreen with pincushion heads CELLAR DOOR
Eremophila racemosa Orange buds pink elongated flowers profusely up stems Native
Calathamnus quadraphedus Bottle brush like flowers down one side of stem  
Kennedea Running postman Black and yellow flowers or burgundy flowers  
Kunzea baxteri Dark blood red bottle brush  
Melaluca wilsonii Purple bottle brush (Doug from Meadow Creek)
Brachychiton Australe Broadleaf Bottle Tree grows to approx 15metres

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