Glenrowan Wine Region

Glenrowan Wine Region, the Warby Ranges and the Alpine Gateway

Extending for 25 km north of the town of Glenrowan in north east Victoria is a steep scarped range known locally as the Warbys. The combination of excellent viewing points along the ridge, pleasant picnic spots and outstanding variety of birdlife and wildflowers provides visitors with a memorable experience.

Despite its modest height, approximately 400 metres, the 400 million year old granite range probably offered good vantage points to Ned Kelly and his fellow bushrangers in the late 1800s. From the summit of Mt Glenrowan, they could easily oversee the comings and goings in the small town of Glenrowan.

In 1979, the Warby Range was declared a state park in recognition of its scenic value to the area and the diversity of plant and animal species it supports.

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